It’s more than just a name. It’s how we do business.


Rite-Way Industries designs, manufactures, and repairs precision cutting tools for industry. We strive daily to deliver a quality product and to treat each and every customer with equal importance.

Our values and commitment to business integrity are our guidelines to continued success.



At Rite-Way, you are our primary focus. You are a leader in your industry, and we are proud to play a role in your mission to deliver quality products to your customers. 

That's why we consider you a partner, not a client. We'll work with you to develop tools that will reduce your cycle time. We focus on your needs and your target cost per hole. We provide fast turnaround times, even when it's not an emergency. Our experienced, in-house technical support team members (with an average tenure of over 26 years at Rite-Way) are on hand to help you with questions, performance problems, and new tool development.


Our commitment to process control and precision results in the highest quality tools that you can depend on. 

We have been ISO 9001 Registered with Perry Johnson Registrar since 2013. To date, we have only received perfect annual audit scores. We use state-of-the art tool analyzing equipment to inspect every tool that comes through our shop. But quality control doesn't just apply to tool manufacturing—it extends to all phases of our business, from refurbishing, tool inspection, inventory control, and shipping/receiving to customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.



Family-owned and -operated for 55 years. 

Here's where we've come from and where we're headed.


Rite-Way Grinding Saw & Tool is founded as a family company by Harvey Embry, Jr. in Louisville, Kentucky.


David K. Embry takes over company after his father’s passing.


Rite-Way constructs new 9,000 sq ft facility at Riverport Industrial Park in Louisville, KY. The Riverport facility expands to 24,000 sq ft over the next 15 years.


Rite-Way moves to New Albany, IN to establish a state-of-the-art facility in the heartland of American manufacturing.


Debbie Embry takes over company after Dave’s passing. Debbie continues the strong business model he established, diversifies Rite-Way, and leads the company toward NWBOC Certification.


Rite-Way accomplishes Dave’s dream of successfully becoming ISO Registered.


Rite-Way achieves 5 consecutive perfect ISO scores in 5 straight years and looks forward to many more years of complete customer satisfaction in quality and performance. Rite-Way incorporates the Zoller Genius 3 measuring machine and Ceia induction brazing equipment into their facility.


Rite-Way integrates a second Tru-Tech Revolution system, highlighting their commitment to cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and product quality.


Rite-Way acquires the Sodick VL400Q Wire EDM, to emphasize their precision manufacturing and quality enhancement.


Rite-Way expands their precision measurement capabilities by incorporating a second Zoller Genius 3 system into their lineup, underlining their commitment to superior quality assurance.


Rite-Way significantly upgrades its tooling and manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of the Walter G200 CNC grinder, Zoller tool management system, Rush 350W wheel dresser, and Rush Easy Cut Off Saw, marking a strategic enhancement in precision, efficiency, and workflow optimization.


We build your tools in a clean, safe, efficient and organized facility with a computer-integrated shop floor control.

Here are some of the tools you’ll find in our state-of-the-art manufacturing shop.

  • CNC Cutter Grinders

    (10) Walter CNC Tool & Cutter grinders, using Tool Studio to assure versatility of manufacturing

  • CNC OD Grinders

    (2) Tru-Tech 3-Axis Centerless Grinders
    (3) Tru-Tech 2-Axis Grinders

  • Inspection Equipment

    (2) Zoller »genius 3« universal measuring machine.
    Winslow 560L Video Tool Analyzer

  • Miscellaneous Equipment

    Numerous manual machines to take care of your needs, no matter the shape or size.